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Testimonials -

San Isidro Labrador College - Pedagogic Tour
Thank you! It has been a real pleasure to experience. The students and teachers were delighted. We spent a very pleasant morning and learned a lot. Thanks again and see you next time.
Leah, Julie and Jim Nichles (Australia) - Visit to the Cathedral
Many thanks Juan Domingo Lopez Copeland for a visit to the Cathedral so good, Informative and friendly. My parents and I really enjoyed the visit. We would recommend other visitors to Seville. Please, because we thought too late that it would have been right to give Juan a tip, give him this message, and, if possible, post our recommendation on his website, so that others may ask for him, as a guide.                         

Amparo Obrador - Visit to the Cathedral
Just write the great tour that made our guide Juan Cobo. Very very nice. Thank you.

César Gutiérrez - Visit to the Cathedral
Good morning, just give thanks for the management and visit. Especially to Mr. Salvador who gave us a wonderful explanation of the cathedral. A pleasure. Best regards. César Gutiérrez

Antonio López - Visit to the Cathedral
Good morning, I had the opportunity to enjoy the professionalism of D. Antonio Medina Quero, He illustrated us in our visit to La Catedral and that undoubtedly made us feel very grateful for both his level of knowledge and his ability to communicate. Please convey our thanks to Antonio. A greeting.